Kitchen Vegetable Basket Rotating Organizer Racks

3 Layer 9999 Rs
4 Layer 11999 Rs
5 Layer 13999 Rs


Six advantages:
1️⃣:Preferred material -steel-
2️⃣:Breathable mesh basket -basket-
3️⃣:Waterproof and rustproof -water-
4️⃣:Move freely -Free move-
5️⃣:Strong load-bearing -strong-
6️⃣:No need to install -simple-

Strong bearing capacity, stable bearing capacity

Weight represents our mass, Buy assured, use the ease of mind

The whole body is made of metal to improve the quality of life

High price corresponds to high quality

Buy once, use for 10 years

Three layer weight:5.1KG
four layer weight:5.2KG
five layer weight:7.5KG

Things are always messy
In the end, it was messy and it was troublesome to clean up

You need a rotatable multi-floor storage rack Orderly storage, farewell to clutter, strong and durable Multi-floor design, seasoning, vegetables, fruits, etc.

All in order to meet the needs of kitchen storage at1 time!

5 floors of large space, free control

Thickened and stable as a rock

Top flat storage, high temperature resistance and no deformation

Rechargeable rice cooker/seasoning etc.

Rotating basket design, direct storage and convenient

A variety of specifications for your choice
Multi-floor storage does not take up space

Encrypted wire mesh breathable basket to keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables
Hierarchical classification, clean and fresh

Brake universal wheel, move as you like

Good value items you can’t miss

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3 Layers, 4 Layers, 5 Layers


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