4 Cube Cloth Organizer


Key Features

  • Suitable For: Living Room & Bedroom
  • Material: Plastic
  • No of Shelves: 4
  • Rust Proof

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Sometimes you are hurry and unable to find shoe pairs easily? if yes then your search is over here, at we have 4 Cube Cloth and shoe Organizer.  This simple modern Cloth and shoe organizer is perfect for organizing messy shoes and clothes, which currently live on under the bed, bedroom floor, hallway, or even stairs! More importantly, finding the right pair of shoes easily can prevent the shoes from being abraded and scratched. The shoe organizer is light in weight you have to relocate it whenever you want. It is made of plastic panels and reinforced with a steel frame to make it strong. You only need to push these panels into a solid molded “multi-directional” bracket to create a “pigeon hole” effect.


The width of each “cube” is 20 cm x height 20 cm x depth 36 cm (approximately).


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